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Kids Nutrition
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Kids Protein Powder with DHA (4 yrs-6 yrs)
Energy 450.00 (Kcal), Protein 30.00 (g), Carbohydrates 42.00 (g), Sugar 24.54 (g), Total Fat 18.00 (g), FOS 0.66 (g), DHA 10% 200.00 (mg), Piper nigrum 100.00
Skimmed Milk Powder, Edible Oil Powder, Pea Protein, Soy Protein, Sugar, Whey Protein Concentrate, Minerals, Cocoa Powder, FOS Powder, Emulsifier, Piper Nigrum Extract Powder.
200g Jar
Kompact Junior
Kids Complete Protein Powder (7 yrs-14 yrs)
Energy 377.64 (Kcal), Carbohydrate 80.19 (g), Sugar 15.00 (g), Protein 12.00 (g), Total Fat 0.95 (g)
Maltodextrin, Skim Milk Powder, Sugar, Fructooligosaccharide, Vitamin and Mineral Premix, Oats Powder, Almond Powder, Flavour
Chocolate, Vanilla
200g/400g/500g Jar or Pouch
Pediasure 7+
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