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At KAG Industries, we operate a cutting-edge Dry Blending facility capable of producing up to 20 metric tons per day. Ingredient blending is essential for virtually every processed food product, whether it involves liquids, powders, or pastes. This meticulous process demands attention to detail, a hallmark of top-tier custom blending companies like ours. Collaborating with clients across diverse sectors of the food industry, we specialize in manufacturing a wide array of nutraceutical supplements, covering areas such as general nutrition, kids nutrition, adult nutrition, and diabetes nutrition. Additionally, we excel in crafting sports nutrition products including mass gainers, whey protein, whey isolate, creatine, and BCAA blends.

Consistency is paramount in the food industry, not only from batch to batch but also across different facilities. Our state-of-the-art equipment and facilities empower us to produce various batch sizes with unwavering precision, ensuring the uniformity of the finished formulation.


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