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Band Drying


The latest addition to our facilities is the ‘Vacuum Band Dryer’. Our vacuum band dryer, housing a production capacity of up to 20 MT per day, is the latest and most viable technology that has been successfully used in the nutraceutical and pharmaceutical industry. Equipped with an integrated packing line for SKUs like PP Jars, Pillow Pouches, Ceka Packs, etc., KAG Industries can provide you with end-to-end solutions for all your manufacturing needs.

Vacuum Band Drying is a hygienic and safe technology due to the fact that there is zero contact of the product with the external environment. All the processes are carried out in a sealed chamber thereby, resulting in zero exposure of the product to external conditions. More so, there is zero human intervention in the entire manufacturing process which results in this technology being highly efficient and cost-effective.


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Beyond the impressive hygienic and efficiency standards, the Vacuum Band Dryer technology opens up vast possibilities for a variety of industrial applications. Its ability to gently dry heat-sensitive, bioactive materials at low temperatures makes it an ideal choice for preserving the quality and nutritional value of nutraceutical and pharmaceutical products. Furthermore, the Vacuum Band Dryer's precision temperature and vacuum controls allow for optimal dehydration, which can be critical in maintaining the structural integrity of complex compounds.

This cutting-edge technology not only bolsters our production capabilities but also stands as a testament to KAG Industries' commitment to technological innovation and superior product quality. With the Vacuum Band Dryer, we’re able to achieve unparalleled levels of product safety, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness, enabling us to cater to our client's manufacturing needs with an even greater level of excellence.

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