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Oven Drying

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KAG Industries houses an excellent GMP facility to manufacture vacuum oven dried products. We have 2 independent production lines in our facility which house a production capacity of up to 50 MT per day. Vacuum oven drying is a traditional and viable technology that has been used successfully for many years in the nutraceutical and pharmaceutical industry. A major advantage to vacuum drying is its energy conservation – less energy is needed for drying, cutting down on the economic and environmental costs associated with drying a product for storage, sale, or other purposes.


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Vacuum oven drying processes also tend to work faster than other drying methods, cutting down on processing times. This technology is widely used for manufacturing malt-based products like BournVita, Horlicks, Ovaltine, Milo & more. Other applications of this technology include malt extract powder, natural colors, fruit powders, etc. We can assist our clients to develop customized solutions as per their requirements and scale up to commercial equipment for mass sales & marketing.

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Indeed, the versatility of vacuum oven drying technology extends well beyond the aforementioned applications. It's an essential part of the food industry as a whole, playing a crucial role in producing not only malt-based products but also a wide range of other food items. From preserving the nutritional profile of freeze-dried fruits and vegetables to ensuring the long-term storage stability of instant coffee, this technology serves as the backbone of many everyday products we consume.

The technology's ability to maintain the quality of delicate, heat-sensitive ingredients makes it ideal for the production of high-quality food extracts, nutraceuticals, and supplements. These products require careful handling to preserve their nutritional benefits. At KAG Industries, we're proud to be at the forefront of this technology, contributing to healthier, tastier, and more sustainable products on the shelves. Our facility is always ready to meet new challenges and innovate solutions that meet our client's unique needs and expectations.

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