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Oven Drying

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KAG Industries boasts a top-tier GMP facility dedicated to crafting vacuum oven dried goods. With two autonomous production lines, we can process up to 50 metric tons per day. Vacuum oven drying, a tried-and-tested technology, has long been a mainstay in the nutraceutical and pharmaceutical realms.


A significant perk of vacuum drying is its energy efficiency, minimizing both the financial and environmental burdens associated with product drying for various purposes. Moreover, vacuum drying processes often outpace alternative methods, reducing overall processing durations.


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This technology's versatility extends far beyond producing malt-based products like BournVita, Horlicks, Ovaltine, and Milo. It finds application in manufacturing malt extract powder, natural colors, fruit powders, and more. We're equipped to tailor solutions to our clients' needs and facilitate the transition to commercial-grade equipment for mass production and marketing.

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Beyond its current applications, vacuum oven drying technology plays a pivotal role in the broader food industry. From preserving the nutritional integrity of freeze-dried fruits and vegetables to ensuring the stability of instant coffee, its impact is far-reaching.

Its ability to safeguard the quality of delicate, heat-sensitive ingredients makes it indispensable for producing high-quality food extracts, nutraceuticals, and supplements. At KAG Industries, we take pride in our role as technology leaders, contributing to healthier, tastier, and more sustainable products. Our facility stands ready to tackle new challenges and innovate solutions that exceed our clients' expectations.

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