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Research & Development


KAG introduces a pioneering contract manufacturing platform, driven by research and bolstered by seasoned professionals. Our team comprises in-house food technologists and engineers boasting industrial expertise across various categories. They collaborate on crafting bespoke formulations, facilitating technology transfer, and optimizing nutritional content to deliver consistently satisfying products. Our commitment to product quality encompasses sensorial, nutritional, and regulatory considerations, upheld by our state-of-the-art facility equipped with both lab-scale and pilot-scale machinery for precise product development.

Key factors prioritized during formulation design and development include regulatory compliance, raw material testing, cost efficiency, pilot-scale trials, process optimization, resource utilization, product enhancement, and industry innovations.

We've curated a diverse product portfolio catering to a wide array of industry segments, including general nutrition powders, pediatric nutrition powders, pregnancy and lactation powders, diabetic nutrition powders, meal replacement powders, sports nutrition supplements, nutraceutical formulations, malt-based powders, and food ingredients.

Following development, products undergo rigorous quality control testing, covering organoleptic, physical, chemical, and microbiological parameters to ensure alignment with client-defined specifications. Stability testing is conducted to determine an acceptable shelf life, guaranteeing product longevity as per declared specifications.

Our centralized in-house R&D QC lab supports the customization and execution of tailor-made products to meet client needs. Additionally, we offer an extensive array of pre-formulated solutions that can be swiftly private-labeled for expedited turnaround times.

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