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This month’s nutrition is- PROTEIN. Protein is a very important component of every cell in the body. Hair and nails are mostly made of protein. Our body uses protein to build and repair tissues.

Protein is an important building block of bones, cartilage, muscles, skin, and blood.

Protein foods are broken down into parts called amino acids during digestion. The human body needs a number of amino acids in large amounts to maintain good health.

Protein Powder for Adult Private Labeling

We offer protein powder for adult private labeling. Adult protein is a unique blend of protein that has the combination of all macronutrients and provides all the necessary nutrition. The major protein source is whey protein, which has the highest protein efficiency ratio of the powder types and is most easily used by the body.

Diabetic Protein Powder Private Label

However, all these benefits aside, is consuming Protein Powder safe for people having diabetes to consume protein powder?

Proper nutrition is an important foundation to achieve most health and wellness goals for diabetics and non diabetics. Protein is an important component in a healthy diet.

People with Diabetic conditions tend to have weakened immunity. Diabetic Protein Powder Private Label helps to strengthen the Immunity, increase energy levels, reduce sugar cravings, and promote satiety and aid the body in rebuilding and repairing itself after injury or exercise workouts. The biggest benefit of adding a protein powder supplement to your diet is convenience because some of the days, (actually most of the days) we are so busy and find it difficult to get a good quality source of low fat protein.

Now when you need a quick snack to eat on the move, the options are often high in sugar, for example, sodas, pastries, and candies.

These can trigger sugar spikes in people with diabetes.

A protein shake might be a better and healthful option, as protein digests more slowly than carbohydrate. The chance of a blood sugar spike is lower, and the person will feel full for a longer time.

Protein Powder for Kids Private Label

Till now we have been talking about the use of protein powder by adults. So, you might be thinking: Is it safe for children?

Well, The answer is: yes. With that said, not all protein powder is created equal. Here’s what you need to know about protein powder for kids and making sure your child gets enough while staying safe and healthy.

Protein is crucial for the growth of a child and protein powder is one of the ways to ensure they’re getting enough. This becomes especially helpful if a picky eater isn’t a fan of whole food sources of protein, like nuts, dairy products, meat and fish. We offer Protein powder for kids Private Label that works as a tasty way to get them the protein they need to grow. But without any doubt, Too much protein can have unintended health consequences. So, it is better to give as prescribed or recommended by your pediatrician.


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