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Malt-based food products are one of the most popular health-based supplements in India. Leading health care and food-product companies are thriving in the market of malt-based food. Mostly the products are health drinks containing vitamins and nutrients. The products are available in distinct flavors to enhance the taste of milk, which makes it popular amongst kids. The consumption of Malt-based food is enormous in India and the target audience includes new-borns to elderly and kids to adults, which makes it a flourishing market for companies to invest in this field.

However there is a complication in the field of production of Malt-based food and supplements. The firms which have their own production plants don’t need to worry about this, but if you are new to this business then the ride to success can be bumpy. The production plan in this business requires a huge investment and it will eventually increase your stress. However you can overcome this situation easily by using the service of a contract manufacturer.

What is Contract Manufacturing?

Contract manufacturing is the process of outsourcing the production part to a third party company. In easy words, the owner company hires a contract manufacturer to produce or manufacture a certain part or a product as per the requirements of the specifications along with specified quantity. Contract manufacturing of Malt-based products is the best and cost-effective method to settle and grow in this market. The master plan to grow here is to find a great contract manufacturer of Malt-based food such as KAG industries.

KAG industries IS a leading Contract Manufacturer of Malt based food products and the destination for new companies and firms who are looking for low investment and high returns in this business. The company provides the best service in contract manufacturing of Malt-based food in the market with the most affordable prices. KAG’s manufacturing plant is spread across 13 hectares. A highly trained team handles the production and they are equipped with the latest technologies of dry blending and vacuum oven drying to meet the customized requirements of the customers for contract manufacturing of Malt-based food and private labelling of Malt based food.

The company also offers top-notch private labelling of malt based food with optimum quality and cost -effective plans. What is private labelling? Well, it is a process in which the product is made by one company but is marketed by another company’s label. In the field of private labelling of Malt based food, there is no competition from KAG. From the past several years, KAG has been one of the leading providers of Malt-based food. The secret behind the success of KAG is that the quality of products is not compromised. KAG only provides the optimum quality private labelled Malt-based products and all of our customers acknowledge that our private labelled Malt-based products are best in the market. So if you are looking for an investment in this field then contact KAG Industries and enjoy a hassle-free ride to success.


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